Vlad 2017-02-17 21:47:54 Reply
When receiving a call, after pushing answer, the call is not actually answered but the android's incloming call in shown.
Also a simple screen unlocker that overrides the default one, would be great. phone: htc desire x
Qing Wu
2017/03/06 Thanks for your advice. For the answer of phone call, please go setting - phone, disable the large call screen Reply
dorothy 2017-01-21 06:17:20 Reply
Hello. I have installed your app for my mother in law who's 80 and now smartphone friendly thanx to you ! I'm having a small issue though and done everything to remedy it with no success.. the tim stays in military format no matter what I do. And the temperature was at 4 Celsius. Witch I did change to "f" but it still says 4 degrees and hasn't changed since I set up the app yesterday. .. I'm pretty tech friendly and can't figure it out .. can you help ?
Qing Wu
2017/01/23 Hi Dorothy,
Thanks for feedback, would you mind to tell me your Android version and App version, phone model.
Thanks. Reply
feri 2017-01-09 08:53:44 Reply

My name is Feri,

Can you add Home button at Home screen?

thank you
Qing Wu
2017/01/09 Hi Feri,
Could you let me know why you need it? I didn't get the point.
Thank you.
Qing Wu Reply
javier 2017-01-09 02:26:37 Reply
hola,la foto dentro del circulo de los contactos,se ve una pequeña parte de dicha foto.una solucion por favor.
Qing Wu
2017/01/09 Gracias por la retroalimentación, lo arreglaremos en nuestra próxima versión. Reply
debby 2017-01-06 13:00:37 Reply
hi, First of all the app ils really great but thé main problèmes is that i canton change the sise of the clock to a bigger.
Thank you
Qing Wu
2017/01/09 Did you mean the time & date on the home screen? or Clock app?
If the clock app, we can't change the app font due to we are not the developer of that app, and can't change their code. Reply
Marco 2016-12-31 13:49:24 Reply
Hi, I like the program but there is a problem in setting MSN messenger it say pros OK to out to comfig but t it won't appear in the pop out is so big that it only show haf , wen sending this feedback I can't see what I was tiping, thank you for your help ZTE
Qing Wu
2017/01/03 Could you send me an email with the screen shot? that might help us to identify the problem.
Thank you. Reply
Louise 2016-11-13 00:44:17 Reply
I am registered blind. the app is great but I don't have large font on face book or Google. can you help please
Antonietta 2016-10-11 03:31:34 Reply
The best launcher ever for elderly people like me. It'd be great to hide the laucher own apps and to have notification management
Danny 2016-10-06 21:32:35 Reply
Is there any way to get rid of the banner at the bottom? This launcher is definitely the best around I've ever downloaded, my old mum loves it, but that banner is so annoying... it's definitely the worst thing ever for launcher which should keep elderly people away from ads, pop-ups etc... Can I pay and get rid of it?
patrick 2016-10-02 03:03:51 Reply
I want this app to look like the screen shot when i downloaded. it had buttons for 3 quick dial in the home screen. can I get that look
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